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C.H.I.E.F. (Celebrating Happiness in European Families)

To learn about family celebrations means to get knowledge about the society in other European countries. The cooperation between students leads to an intensive view into the social and cultural situation of other European countries.
Comparing the different family celebrations in different European countries will show similarities and bring students and teachers to a better understanding of European Citizenship.


LLP-Tourismusproject (Comenius-Projekt 2007 - 2009) Tourismus & Environment

Aims of the Partnership
recognize problems of tourism and to learn about possible solutions / develop some proposals for solutions; acquire the culture, the knowledge and the necessary information for a sustainable tourism; recognize environmental problems caused by tourism; find out the chances of sustainable tourism for young people; find out the importance of tourism for Europe (through typical examples of the participating countries)

Castello Projekt (Comenius-Projekt 2004 - 2007) [Il Castello]
Castello Project (Comenius Project 2004 - 2007) [Il Castello]

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