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Project presentation in the Communal Museum (November 2006)

The presentation of the project took place in the communal museum in public. It was presented by the trio “Bella Italia”, the exhibition of the pictures of Rome was opened and the book “Incontro con Roma” was presented.

The event was opened by a dancing performance (studied by Teresa Zach/Spirit Voices) (from left to right Jasmin, Isabella, Janika, Lisa Maria)

Mag. Isabella Siedl spoke as presenter for Wiener Neustadt.

The headmistress Mag. Maria Kornfeld by her inaugural address.

The trio “Bella Italia” lead through the event (from left to right Barbara, Ines, and Clara)

The event was well visited and the footings were rare too.

Reading from the book “Incontro con Roma” (Karo with “Hufnagl’schem” garden gnom)

Mag. Makl describes the principle of the photo exhibition.

Arrividerci Roma – four-handed with trumpet (from left to right Tina, Nina and Betty)

The persons in charge for the event: Teresa Zach (Spirit Voices), Mag. Peter Mazohl, headmistress Maria Kornfeld, Barbara Chlopcik, Giovanna Carretoni (IT), Ines Filipits, headmistress Elisamarzia Vitaliano (IT), Clara Patek, Markus Matzl, Florian Scherz.