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The project group in Rome (December 2004)

Meeting in Wiener Neustadt June 2005

Launching the Project

The project started in December 2004 with a coordinating meeting in Rome. There, the two Austrian teachers Harald Makl and Peter Mazohl, developed, together with the representatives of the other participating schools, a concept for the year 2005.

During this first year the two classes of the 6th form (6A and 6B) were the main group working on the project. Technical support was provided by the 7C class (IT- class).

During several meetings the students were informed about the content and topics, a working plan was established and put into a timeframe.

The event “Schüler präsentieren” (“Students’ Presentation Night”) was chosen as the first public presentation.

The project was launched without problems in all the other participating schools as well. In order to improve communication, the BG Babenbergerring installed a server to exchange data.