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Participating classes

The project started in the school year 2004/2005 with the following classes:

  • 6A class (form master: Mag. Maria Kampichler)
  • 6B class (form master: Mag. Rupert Esberger)
  • 7C class (IT group Mag. Peter Mazohl) 
  • 2nd and 3rd form (Art groups taught by Mag. Appelt)

During the school year 2005/2006 the following classes worked on the project:

  • 7A class (form master: Mag. Maria Kampichler)
  • 7B class (form master: Mag. Rupert Esberger)
  • 8C class (IT group Mag. Peter Mazohl)
  • 2nd and 3rd form (Art groups taught by Mag. Appelt)
  • 5th form (PTPM groups taught by Mag. Peter Mazohl and Mag. Harald Makl)
  • 5B class (department of computer science)

In May 2006 the classes of the 7th form will be spending a project-week in Rome.


Articles about other classes

7A and 7B (School year 2005/06)

In the second year of the project both classes were busy with working on different topics: The 7A class worked especially at the lives of famous people living in or connected with the Wiener Neustadt castle while the 7B class dealt with life ... (Art.Nr 121)  [mehr ...]

5B (department of computer science)

The information technology class of the 5th form (school-year 2005/2006) has taken over the agenda of the 7th form, so that the students of the – current 8th form – have the possibility to prepare properly and without disruption for their final ... (Art.Nr 101)  [mehr ...]

6A and 6B

  (Art.Nr 100)  [mehr ...]

7C Class (Department of Computer Science)

The 7C class produced a Multimedia-CD. This CD is bilingual (German and English) and comprises the following aspects: Outline of the participating schools Outline of the castles chosen by the various project groups Outline of the pieces ...  [mehr ...]

2nd and 3rd form classes

During their Art classes the pupils of the second form commited their ideas of an ideal castle and of life in the Middle Ages to paper. As well, when drawing their pictures they referred to stories that hab been written by students of the 6 A class ...  [mehr ...]