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The castle of Wiener Neustadt (today: Military Academy)

Comenius-Projekte werden in Österreich von der Sokrates-Agentur betreut.



 The project "Il Castello"

It's an international project, divers schools (minimum three) from different european countries cooperate concentrating in a specific theme.

The aim of the project 

The students shall become aware of the fact, that castles und palaces are an european heir we share in most european countries.

The main aspects of the project are:

  • The need of protection of men
  • Life in the Middle Ages (with some connection to our days)
  • The development of castles from the point of view of history of arts
  • The changing of castles during the medieval times

The group in Wiener Neustadt selected the castle of Wiener Neustadt - today a military academy - as their subject. The Roman school has chosen the castle of Giulio II in Ostia. The spanish school opted for the old moorish castle situated above the city on  huge granitic monolit. There is a second school in Austria (Orth/Danube) dealing with the castle of Orth/Danube. The Latvian school selected the palace of Jelgava.