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The meetings (overview)

Living in a time where electronic communication dominates our live face to face communication remains important.

To coordinat the different working programs, to exchange data or to disemminat experiences is always done easier by "face to face" communication than by electronic medias.

Finally is the knowledge of other culture or foreign school system an important part or the project work - this part or the project can only be done by personal meeting in the diverse countries.


Further meetings

Meeting Rome 12/2006

In December 2006 there was a meeting of almost all paticipating schools in Rome (only Vircava wasd missing).    [mehr ...]

Meeting Lettland June 2007

The follow up of the visit of Guna Pupede in Austria at the Bundesgymnasium Babenbergerring in April 2006 was a meeting at the Vircava Highschool in Latvia by Mag. Peter Mazohl. Prof. mazohl got ...  [mehr ...]

Meeting Orth/Donau February 2006

Dr. Brigitte Freund, teh headmaster of the Informatik Hauptschule Orth/Danube invited us to talk about further collaboration. We ageed to team up more intensivly. As a first step we agreed to use ...  [mehr ...]

Meeting Trujillo May 2006

The annual meeting of the complete project groop to close the second project year and to plan the third one took place in Trujillo. The participants got an impression of the Medieval ...  [mehr ...]

Meeting Vienna February 2006

One of the coldest week in February was used to meet Francisco Barrado Garcia, the headmaster of the spanish school, in Vienna. Prof. Mazohl and the headmaster of the spanish school, ...  [mehr ...]