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Meeting in Wiener Neustadt

From June 2 to June 6 2005, we had a meeting in Wiener Neustadt. The participants came from Rome, Trujillo, Jelgava and Orth/Donau.

At a typical Austrian Mostheurigen, our guests got to know specialties like "Stelze".

Of course the group visited the castle and was guided through Wiener Neustadt by Norbert Koppensteiner.

Rosa Ahnelt (left) attended our Spanish guests.

The group was welcomed by the mayoress and informed about the project.

The greeting in the Neukloster was a very special experience.

Padre Petrus (standing) feasts his guests in the baroque refactory of the Neukloster.

Headmastress Dr. Brigitte Makl-Freund welcomes the project group to her school.

The group had a guided tour through Forchtenstein's castle.

The girls of the 6B (school year 2004/2005) guided the group through the school in their typical Austrian "Dirndl".