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About 180 Students take part at the project.

Christmas 2006 the 60 students from the upper classes met for a picture.




 The grammer school BG Babenbergerring

The BG Babenbergerring has a more than 300 years old tradition. About 770 pupils attend the school and are tought by about 70 teachers.

At the moment there are 3 school forms:

  • A humanistic grammar school, where Latin – starting in Year 7- and ancient Greek - starting in Year 9 – are taught.
  • A modern lanugage grammar school with English and French as living foreign lanugages.
  • A grammar school with emphasis on Computer Science (school attempt), where besides the living foreign lanugage English Computer Science is tought strengthened in place of a further foreign language. This type is called "Department for Computer Science".


Headmistress Mag. Maria Kornfeld
Babenbergerring 10
A-2700 Wiener Neustadt
Telefon: +43/2622/22380; Fax: +43/2622/22390/80 (DW)
Mail: direktor@bg-bab.ac.at

Homepage: www.bg-bab.ac.at