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The moorish castle of Trujillo

The water castle of Orth/Danube (Austria)

The castle of Julius II in Ostia/Rome (Italy)

Jelgava palace

The other Castles

The moorisch Castle of Trujillo (Spain)

Build around the year 1000 it's e very specific example of a moorish castle in Spain [more ...]

The watercastle of Orth/Danube (Austria)

The castle is situated at the Danube [more ...]

The castle of Pope Julius II in Ostia/Rome (Italy)

The fairy-tale castle was built in 1483 by Giuliano della Rovere, who later became Pope Julius II. As so often happened in papal Rome, Julius built his fortress using bricks pilfered from Ostia Antica, and lime obtained by burning the ancient city's marble [more ...].  

The palace of Jelgava

Built from the same architect that build Rundale Palace and the winter palace in St. Petersbourgh today the palace hosts the university of Jelgava [more ...]