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Project Presentations

Back home after an initial conference in Rome in December 2004 the project group of the BG Babenbergerring began with their work. One very important task – especially in the beginning - was to promote the project.

The first occasion was the annual event “Schüler präsentieren” (“Students’ Presentation Night”), where the work that had been done until then was presented to parents and other interested people in the course of an entertaining evening.

Up to now there was a considerable number of occasions which offered a lot of possibilities to publicize the project.

Below you find an overview of several activities:

  • students’ presentation (May 2005)
  • Reception at the town hall of Wiener Neustadt together with the mayoress
  • Presentation of the project in one of our partner schools in Orth/Donau
  • Final event of the first year (30th November 2005, communal museum Wiener Neustadt)


Further presentations

Annual event "Students' Presentation" 2006

The presentation of our project was very well done by Tina Zehetner and Julia Krenn. After the musical introduction of a trumpet fanfare (by Bettina Gnam) they invited the participants to have a ...  [mehr ...]

Presentation Communal Museum
September 2005

The first public presentation coverd the wild range of activities and results produced during the first project year.The 7th forms presented the multimedia CD. They showed an overview of ...  [mehr ...]

Students presentation May 2005

   [mehr ...]