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In the course of this project several pictures were taken that on the one hand show the course of the project and on the other hand are a nice memory of various activities.


• Working on the logo in art (6.B-class school year 2005/06)
• Working on the calendar (WaPfl informatics, 6.A-class school year 2005/06)
• Trip to the castle
Meeting in Wiener Neustadt
Presentation of the first project year (September 20, 2005, museum Wiener Neustadt)
Photo session “Damsel of the castle”
• Project meeting in Trujillo (May 2006)
• Medieval Wiener Neustadt (excursion in April 2006 with the Latvian project leader Mag. Guna Pupede as guest)
• Project week Rome 7A & 7B (May 12 - 19, 2006)
• Project meeting in Latvia June 2006
• Presentation in the museum (November 2006)
• Project meeting in Rome (December 2006)
• 6B at work (school year 2006/07)
• Project completion Jelgava (May 2007)

Note to the press & media: If you need a picture in print quality, please contact the project management of the COMENIUS project.