Christmas Decorations in Wiener Neustadt

Every year at Christmastime, Wiener Neustadt starts to glisten: Light strings appear over night; our own little “Christkindlmarkt” puts on its colorful lights, too; the “Punschstände” (stalls where they sell punch and hot spiced wine) decorate themselves with flashy illuminations.

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Picture Albums

There exist several picture albums as a documentation of the partnership and the activities during the coretime of the partneship (September 2009 - July 2011).

Pictures from the Meeting in Malta 16th - 20th March
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Christmas Eve in Austria

Christmas Eve is a family affair centered around both a Christmas tree, which is decorated by parents, and a nativity scene. Some nativity scenes feature as many as 100 pieces and are treasured family heirlooms. On Christmas Eve the Christkindle brings gifts to the children, placing them under the Christmas tree.

Christmas tree in an Austrian home
Picture: Sebastian Kunc