1st General Lyceum Egaleo, Athen (Greece)

Our school  is the first Public Secondary Education school founded in the city of Egaleo in 1946, and gathers youngsters from the near-by neighborhood.  In the Greek Educational System, after completing the Primary school (6 years) pupils enter Lower Secondary Education School (Gymnasium) for 3 years. These are the Compulsory Education studies. After that. If they wish. they continue to a 3 year General Lyceum, or to a 3 year Vocational Lyceum, or to a 4 year Technical School.

Every pupil of the 1st grade of the General Lyceum has to attend 11 courses + 1 foreign language* 1 selection course i.e. .second foreign language. Informatics and drama). At the 2nd and 3rd grade, pupils except some common courses .have to choose one of the 3 orientations: Classical. Scientific and Technological.

During the 2009-2010 school year the school has 4 classes In each grade, that Is totally 12 classes of about 25 pupils each. The school participates actively In  national Environmental and

Here you find a presentation about the school.

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