Escuelas Profesionales Sagrada Familia San Luis
El Puerto de Santa Maria (Spain)

SAFA Foundation may be defined as a wide educative project of 27 school spread through Andalusia region in the south of Spain, attending more than 20.000 students.

SAFA is complex and attractive due to both its contrasts, and its atmosphere: it is Christian, with strong connections with the Jesuits but totally independent.

SAFA tries to form "men and women for the others", without requesting any previous condition or special family background.

SAFA is a mixture of different cultures, different religions, different ideologies and different family traditions.

SAFA students have their origins in low & middle class families.

SAFA schools offer all levels of education according to Spanish law. Although there is a special attention to vocational studies, SAFA also prepares the students for University with a high standard. Also, it has a Teaching University School.

Renovation and progress is a must for SAFA.

SAFA San Luis in the second biggest school in Andalusia and it is located at the mouth of Guadalete River in the bay of Cadiz, in the south west coast of Spain.

SAFA San Luis is a historic symbol of the city since it brought education, progress and development in the poor decades after the Spanish civil war.

SAFA San Luis attends more than 2.000 students from Infant to Pre-University of High Vocational, always offering a high standard of education.

At present, SAFA San Luis is suffering a new evolution thanks to Internet 2.0 technologies and social nets and tools. 

SAFA San Luis is proud of being widely recognized as a very good and recommendable school in El Puerto de Santa María. In 1990, SAFA San Luis was awarded with the Golden Medal of the City, and in 2007 it got the Special Educative Mention of the City.

Here is the PDF-File of the school's presentation.

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