ITC Vittorio Veneto, Latina (Italy)

The" Vittorio Veneto "Business Institute is the oldest school founded together with the town of Littoria (Latina) in 1932, but officially opened in 1936. It is one of the most important cultural centre in this small town and its surroundings. Information technology, business, law, foreign languages are the main subjects taught in the school, together with evening classes arranged for working and migrant students. It is located in the centre of the town, close to university and to the agricultural and industrial area which has been turning into an important touristic area over the last few years, characterized by a relevant migration trend. We can say this phenomenon started at the beginning of the 20 century because of our "Pontine Marshes" land. Many Italian people came from the North of Italy to work and live here , most of them ,in fact died of "Malaria".Today we are still having this phenomenon with people coming from Europe especially from Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Albania, and from Africa, India and China. Once again , because of this deep migration impact, this school is the attraction pole for arranging any cultural activities or initiatives with the aim of strengthening both a national and above all a European identity especially among the youngest generations.According to this aim, we have already done European Projects such as Leonardo and we are going to finish our Comenius Project " Together in Europe " with France And Portugal, started in 2005 where we were the coordinating country. This last experience has been very successful for all of us, especially for our students , their families and our colleagues. For the first ones, because they have had the chance to broaden their minds, by meeting new people, sharing different points of view, , comparing with different habits. For the last ones they have had the opportunity to compare themselves with different education systems, by taking new experiences and working in different contexts.In order to consolidate this European Spirit, our school is interested in taking part in this new project, where different technological methodologies will be used together with scientific and logical techniques.

Latina "Vittorio Veneto"



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