Bundesgymnasium Babenbergerring, Wiener Neustadt (Austria)

The BG Babenbergerring has a more than 300 years old tradition. About 770 pupils attend the school and are taught by about 70 teachers.
The Bundesgymnasium is a state-run public school and covers a range of age beginning with 10 years up to 18 years. Lessons are organized in 28 classes, there exist 8 forms. The first four school years are equal to all students. There is English as a first foreign language, followed by Latin in the third form. English is used in every class as language of instruction in one subject (this is CLIL in this specific subject).

BG Babenbergerring

Starting with the 5th form the students have to focus on special subjects (as a kind of specialization) to set an emphasis of education:

    • There is a humanistic orientation, where ancient Greek as a third (not living language) is taught.

      • As a second language French is taught.
      • In an experimental stadium the emphasis is laid on Computer Science. Besides the living foreign language English Computer Science and the subject “Presentation Technology and Computer Science” are taught (in place of a further foreign language). This school type is called "Department of Computer Science".

    There exists a broad range of additional educational offer to be chosen voluntarily by the students as singing in the school choir, an English drama group, volleyball, soccer, baseball and softball (thanks to Steve!) and some other non standard subjects.

    The school runs an after-school care club for students younger than 14 years old to join up (it's not free - you have to pay for it). The pupils get lunch and special care by teachers (assistance for home exercises or during learning phases).

    The school is well equipped with four computer labs, two gyms und special labs for chemistry, physics and biology.

    There is a big assembly/celebration hall for about 300 students (well equipped with sound and light systems).

    Students at the buffet at school - here you get snacks from "Elfi" (most popular person in school). She prepares lunch too.

    Headmistress Mag. Maria Kornfeld
    Babenbergerring 10, A-2700 Wiener Neustadt
    Telefon: +43/2622/22380; Fax: +43/2622/22390/80 (direct line)
    Mail: office@bg-bab.ac.at, Homepage: www.bg-bab.ac.at

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