Liceo Classico “G. Carducci”, Cassino (Italy)



The secondary school “Giosue’ Carducci” is in Cassino, a little town at the foot of the mountain Montecassino; this town, with a population of about 33.000 inhabitants, is located  in a  valley between the rivers Liri and Rapido. Just to give you an idea, Cassino is in a central region of Italy called Lazio:

This is an industrial zone because, a part of an important paper factory, there’s also a famous Italian car industry: FIAT , BESIDES, Cassino has got some good universities.

Unfortunately, this town saw, in 1944, the terrible effects of the Second World War; indeed, near Montecassino, there was the strategic Gustav line where Americans and Germans fought.

Only in 60’s, the area near Montecassino came back to life, and now Cassino is an appreciated destination of travels for Poland, American, Chinese or German tourists who want to see a piece of their history.


 Our school was born in 1824, thanks to the permission given by king Ferdinando I,

Actually, it has got 52 teachers and 737 students from 14 to 18 years old.

 Of course, we attend a secondary school with a bias towards humanities studies, but every boy or girl, at the moment of his or her enrolment, can choose a particular course; indeed, you’ve got three ways to be a “carducciano”:

  • A normal course;
  • A course that includes more hours to study English;
  • A course that includes more hours to study maths, physics and informatics.

 Our five years of studies are divided into two parts: the gymnasium, that comprises the first two years, and the “liceo”, that comprises the latest three years.

 Latin and Greek are our strong points, but we also have a big gym, a furnished library, two labs for scientific subjects and two computer roms. Besides, we usually do a lot of wonderful school trips, in Italy or abroad, and we also take part in different projects that afford us to meet new friends from all Europe.


Liceo Classico Carducci has developed 4 main Comenius Projects in partnership with Francia, Romania, Finlandia, Polonia, Estonia, Turchia, Portogallo, Spagna, Lituania under the following themes:

  • 2003/2004  History, Myths and Legends
  • 2003/2006  United in Variety
  • 2005/2006  The future in our Hands
  • 2008/2010  Value education and ecological responsibility
  • 2009/2011  Celebrating Happiness in European countries


Here is the PDF-File of the school's presentation


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