Apokria or Carneval in Greece

Literally, "apokria" means the end of the meat-eating period or the fast from meat (apo= from – kreo= meat)

Respectively, the latin word carnival comes from the words carne=meat and vale=salute.

Apokria in Greece lasts 3 weeks. It begins just before Lent and its main characteristic is the Carnival festivities that take place throughout the country.

The celebration of “Apokria” (Carnival) is competed on Sunday. The next day is called Kathari (Clean) Monday. It is the first day of LENT. All families eat together on CLEAN MONDAY.
Except meat!

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There exist several picture albums as a documentation of the partnership and the activities during the coretime of the partneship (September 2009 - July 2011).

Pictures from the Meeting in Malta 16th - 20th March