During the partnership there were a lot of mobility activities. Some were general meetings, where the project managers and up to 80 students met, others were coordinative meetings and some bilateral meetings with a special purpose.


General Meeting in Mosta/Malta

There was a general meeting from 16th to 20th March in Malta. We had the opportunity to learn about weddings and the typical ceremonies in Europe. The presentations were on a very high level and provided a lot of information.

Besides that we participated at the celebrations of St. Joseph and visited the procession in Rabat. Together we explored the island and learned about the old capital town Mdina as well as about the new one (Valetta).
The Austrian and Italian group visited also several cultural treasures as the old temples or the fascinating harbor of Marsaxlokk. Thanks to Josef and the team from his school for the preparation of the meeting.

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Picture Albums

There exist several picture albums as a documentation of the partnership and the activities during the coretime of the partneship (September 2009 - July 2011).

Pictures from the Meeting in Malta 16th - 20th March