During the partnership there were a lot of mobility activities. Some were general meetings, where the project managers and up to 80 students met, others were coordinative meetings and some bilateral meetings with a special purpose.


Bilateral meeting in Latina

A group of the Bundesgymnasium Babenbergerring traveled to Italy to visit the two Italian partnerschools.

On Monday the 11th of October 2010 during our trip to Rome, we made a trip to Latina. The ride to the school approximately took us one hour. First the students presented us the region and the typical things in Latina and their school. The teacher showed us the library, the gym and some classrooms for example. Together with the students and teachers of both schools we planned further joint activities. At the end of the “tour” we also received some typical Italian snacks.

Then we left the school and took the bus through the city. Even a real tourist guide told us something about architecture in Latina. We saw some buffalos and visited the botanical garden of Fogliano and the beach. In garden we had lunch together and we also played cards with the Italian students and enjoyed the time together. It was great to speak with them about their experiences during the project and their lives in Italy.

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Picture Albums

There exist several picture albums as a documentation of the partnership and the activities during the coretime of the partneship (September 2009 - July 2011).

Pictures from the Meeting in Malta 16th - 20th March