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The brass of Eleonore (located behind the altar in the Neukloster church)


Compiled by Sigrid Mayer (7B school year 2005/06)

Eleonore of Portugal

Eleonore Helena, daughter of Eduard I, King of Portugal, and his wife Eleonore of Aragonia, was born on the eighth of September 1436 in Portugal. At the age of 16 (in 1452) Eleonore was married to Emperor Friedrich III. They had five children together, but only two survived: Maximilian I. and Kunigunde.

Eleonore and Friedrich had an unhappy marriage. Although Eleonore was homesick, she spent her whole life in Wiener Neustadt, until she died on the third of September 1467.

Her grave is in Neukloster in Wiener Neustadt. The memorial stone was made by Niklas Gerhaert van Leyden.
















As a special activity we performed a photographic session in a costume of the 15th century with one of our students.