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Brass of Peter Engelbrecht (Photo: Stadtmuseum Wiener Neustadt)

Peter Engelbrecht (Bishop)

Peter Engelbrecht, from Passail/Styria, was the dean of the western prebendaries (order of „Chorherren“) in Wiener Neustadt and educator of Maximilian Ist. He also was the first bishop of the fresh established diocese of Wiener Neustadt.

1477 he was sanctified from pope Sictus IVth in Rome.

Elgelbrecht, who died 1491, is buried in the Cathedral of Wiener Neustadt. The brass of the original Engelbrecht-crypt, is now in the westwall of the southern branch of the transept. At his red marmoreal brass, Peter Engelbrecht is seen in life-size with regalia of his episcopal dignity: The episcopal coat of arms, where a half rose and a half lily as well as Peter Engelbrechts initials visible are, and is hold by cherubs, is at his feet. The transcript calls the 17th February 1491 as his obit.

After: Gertrud Gerhartl (cityarchive of Wiener Neustadt)