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The famous painting of Maximilian I (Albrecht Dürer), Original in the kunsthistorischen Museum Vienna.




 Maximilian I.

Maximilian I was born on 22nd  March 1459.

He spent his childhood in Wr. Neustadt, born as the first son of emperor Friedrich II and empress Elenore of Portugal.

He was married to Maria, duke of Burgundy, who died 1482, twenty-five years old in Brügge.

1486 Maximilian I was elected to the Roman-German King and crowned in the same year.

1494, twelve years after Maria’s death, he married Bianca Maria Sforza, princess of Milan.

Maximilian I was the founder of the “habsburgerish” world power, with the motto: per tot discrimina rerum = through all the danger.

Maximilian I died at the age of 60, on 12th January 1519 in Wels, Austria.