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 The market

In the Middle Ages the market was very important for the people. For them a market day was not only a day where they could buy things, but also a meeting place, where they could talk about the latest news and a day of the court.
The marketplace was the centre of every city and this is the reason why there were also the pillory, the town hall and the city scale.
On a typical market day traders from the whole world entered the city very early and put up their market stalls. After some time the first buyers came, who could admire many goods. Within the day many people went to the market to see tricks from travelling entertainers, get help from the writer and the quack doctor.
Every city had its own market rules and if somebody violated them he was badly punished.
At the end of the day the traders took their unsold goods and the left the city again.
Normally there was a market once a week and a fair once a year. But Wiener Neustadt had 2 market days, Wednesday and Saturday.

Today not many people go to the market, because there exist so many shopping centres with huge, free parking spaces.