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Jasmin Mayerhofer is student of the 7B form (2005/06) of the Bundesgymnasium Babenbergerring




Clothes and dresses

In the Middle Ages, people’s clothing were mainly worn for protection, but also symbolized rank, status and social class. These aspects were not only shown by the single garment, but by many little things which may seem natural for us today. In the Middle Ages, buckles were already being used, but these were not the only accessories in use. They invented many new things which are widespread nowadays, for instance glasses, buttons, trousers and underwear.

The development of glasses started with a little stone which increased the size of letters and helped with reading. Buttons subsidised cords and were forbidden for women because they were a special sign of wealth and power. Especially the materials out of which accessories were made demonstrated a person’s status. Although people in the Middle Ages were very inventive, they did not have everything we use today, for instance zippers, velcro fasteners or shoelaces.