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Text of Cosima Patek, 7B




 The conditions for women in the Middle-Ages

“Women are evil.” - That was the opinion of nearly all men in the Middle-Ages. The Catholic Church had a lot of power in this time and supported this attitude very much.

Besides those women who hat joined a convent the female gender was educated very badly and did not have any rights nor freedom. In this time a group of women, called the beguines, hab been formed to defy the general opinion. Women who lived in town had a better education than noblewomen. They even were allowed to learn a trade and to educate apprentice girls.

Generally, women did not think about their position. In fact, there were only few who recognized that it was not right how women were treated. One of them was Christine de Pizan. Her books still exist today and she was one of the emancipated women who believed that female sex could do more than giving birth to children.

Personally, I appreciate very much that we learned something about our history. Even today there are religions and peoples who think that a women are not worth nothing. – Fortunately the situation is changing though.